Thursday, December 29, 2011

New York City!

Good evening everyone!
Yesterday I went to NYC to check out my new college The Art Institute of New York. After the Open House, my boyfriend and I decided to stay in the city and wait for the tree to be lit. I haven't seen the tree in about a year and it was time that I saw it. As usual it was a beautiful sight, but the city was freezing this time of year! There was also a lot of people, so we couldn't go ice skating, but the sight was still amazing! Here are some pictures of our adventure in the city. Hope you enjoy!

xo Aryelle

They filmed the movie the Ghostbusters here. It is right across from my school.
These men were playing Spanish music on the subway!
Fashion Ave <3
Inside of Madison Square Garden
My first time inside Macy's!
I love Rachel Roy and her collection is beyond amazing.
Louis Vuitton!
We had such an amazing time in the city!

What I wore: 
Scarf: H&M  Jacket: New York Yoki Collection  Bag: Forever 21  Leggings: Club Monaco  Riding Boots: Ralph Lauren

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